Jun 23

Health Tips during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is touted as the most looked forward to and a great phase of every womans life. Yet there are a whole set of complex functions that connect various systems of the body which contribute towards a healthy pregnancy. The main focus during this time however remains on delivering a child that is brimming with good health. So, generally after getting

pregnant, women become more open to suggestions by their friends and near and dear ones.

=>Adopting a lifestyle fraught with health. Probably this is the time that you have to give up on your junk food eating habits and provide the growing baby inside you with nutritious food that will facilitate better growth and development.

=>Go for regular health checkups. Pregnancy calls for periodic checkups and intake of medicines to maintain good health. Work may be important but ensure that you visit your doctor to learn more about the health of the growing baby and also to learn more about your pregnancy calendar.

=>Due date Calculator. When you go in for regular health checkups to the doctor he/she will be able to give you the due date for your delivery. You may also calculate your due date with the help of a due date calculator or the pregnancy calculator that are available on the online platform.

When you are fit and healthy mentally as well as emotionally, the mental development of the baby too will be good. Stress and depression may affect the baby and result in difficult child birth. So, to ensure a safe pregnancy and problem free child birth, one has to follow the suggestions given by the doctor to the last T lest they will fall prey to the risks that pregnant ladies are prone to.

So, when the moms tackle pregnancy with great care and intelligence, the

Jun 22

Fitness Training

10 Things You Should Know About Stretching

Before fitness training, one must give importance to doing warm-up or stretching exercises to prevent accidents or to enhance the output during the training. There are also a number of precautionary measures and tips to serve as guidelines when doing fitness exercises. Here are some of them.

1. To increase your flexibility and to avoid injuries, stretch before and after workout. Almost everyone knows that stretching before workout prevents injuries during the exercises, but only few people know that stretching after workout, when muscles are still warm, can increase flexibility.

2. Hold your stretching position for more than 60 seconds to increase flexibility. While holding your position for 20 seconds is enough for warm ups, holding each position for at least 60 seconds will develop the body’s flexibility.

3. Do not go into a stretching position then immediately return to the relaxed position, and do it repeatedly. This is more appropriately termed as bouncing while in a position. When stretching, hold that position for several seconds, and then slowly relax. You may do this exercise repeatedly this way. Bouncing or forcing yourself into a position during stretching can strain or damage some joints or muscles.

4. Work slowly in increments instead of immediately proceeding to doing the hardest exercise or position.

5. Make sure that you have stretched or warmed up all muscle groups. For some people, even if they have strong bodies, they tend to neglect the neck when working out of stretching. Stretching the neck muscles can be as simple as placing the palm of one’s hand against the front of the head and pushing it. Then, do the same to the sides and the back of the head.

6. Stretch

Jun 21

Long Term Benefits Of Physical Fitness

Regular physical activity offers numerous benefits to your overall health. Physical fitness plays a major role in the proper function of your body and your mind. When you exercise on a regular basis, you feel energized, alert, and fit. Here are a few of the benefits you will be reaping by incorporating fitness into your daily schedule.

The first benefit of physical fitness is warding off disease. Physical activity has been known to slow down or prevent numerous diseases, such as: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and heart disease. On top of its disease fighting abilities, a regular fitness regimen can help you slow down the aging process. When you exercise, your joints and your muscles become stronger and more flexible, which reduces your chances of developing numerous age related ailments.

The second benefit of physical activity is stress reduction. Fitness is a great distraction from our every day troubles and it gives us a chance to rid our bodies of excess energy which might otherwise increase stress levels. The third benefit of regular physical activity is weight maintenance. Exercise has always been a major factor for those who wish to lose weight. Even a person who is taking the best diet pills and consuming the healthiest diet can benefit from physical fitness. Some people swear by the results they get from regular physical activity along with the all natural appetite suppressant known as hoodia. Aside from aiding with weight loss, regular exercise also boosts your brain power. By increasing your energy levels you increase the serotonin in your brain, this in return leads to improved mental clarity. So the next time you find yourself doubting what physical fitness can do for you, read over this article and imagine all of the health benefits you

Jun 21

Just Ladies Fitness Kickboxing Courses – Taking The Boredom Out Of Your Workout

Getting into condition and preserving a healthy weight can often be difficult for many people. This is partly because they get bored with their normal routine after a while. Just ladies fitness kickboxing Vancouver classes can help women get in shape or keep the weight off in a special and entertaining way that is unique and more fun than traditional exercise classes. Below is a number of benefits that can be realized through the use of these kickboxing courses for women.

Build Confidence

Many women who are starting their weight loss journey may have low self confidence. Their extra weight makes them feel bad about their appearance and they often feel as though they are not capable of meeting their goals. The kickboxing classes give them the ability to feel good about what they are accomplishing and also allow them to get fit in a comfortable environment among other women.

Drop Pounds

Just ladies fitness kickboxing Vancouver classes also help local women shed pounds faster than most other programs around. These programs not only provide an intense high energy aerobic routine that helps melt pounds away fast, but they also help to tone and tighten the muscles of the body. The kickboxing classes offer a entire body workout while targeting areas of a woman’s body such as her legs and middle section.

Make Friends

The group environment that is found with kickboxing programs is a wonderful environment in which women can make new friends. The fact that the class is just for ladies is an added benefit and ensures that women are always working out with others who go through the same trials and tribulations as themselves, and who often have the exact same body issues as well.

Learn Self Defense

The world is a tougher place than it used

Jun 21

Workouts And Aerobics At Fitness Zone Goa

What you see Fitness Zone in Miramar, Goa is situated in the famous Clube Tennis De Gaspar Dias right before Caf Coffee Day (assuming you are travelling in the direction towards Donapaula).

Fitness enthusiasts are seen shaping up to high intensity workouts the moment you enter into this powerhouse. A huge mirrored wall enables members to get glimpses of themselves as they exercise. The carpeted flooring gives the gym a highly sophisticated yet comfortable feel.

The gym is well equipped with advanced, modern equipment and machinery utilized for workout sessions. A stylish dumbbell stand is included as well. Further, a separate section is dedicated for stretching and flexibility workouts for the abs. Motivational pictures on fitness embellish this side of the wall.

A consultation table is provided too for those wanting to discuss any personal matters on fitness with certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist George Sequeira who is also the owner of the gym along with wife Colleen Sequeira.

Notice boards highlighting updates and news about the gym are present to keep members well versed with the latest in offers. Washrooms and changing rooms are provided.

What you get Fitness Zone is a highly efficient unisex gym in terms of equipment as well as service. All workout sessions are conducted by certified trainers.

Special biangular facilities in equipment to suit all shoulder and chest workouts are provided. These are scientifically advanced and help members in attaining targeted benefits in body building such as more muscle definition and specification.

The Gravitron machine is known to provide weight assistance and is great for widening and shaping the upper back. Similarly the Seated Calf Raise equipment benefits by allowing you to sit and workout.

Various customized fitness packages are offered at Fitness Zone for members to achieve their desired goals in

Jun 20

Zth Fitness Are You Really Committed To Lose Fat

If you’re someone who has struggled to lose weight, but are active in the weight loss industry as a customer, then you’ve probably heard about zth fitness. The truth is, as you already know, losing weight isn’t an overnight process. It takes some time, effort, and it also takes being able to control your emotional eating habits. This is a lot harder than it sounds, so you will need to understand something that very few people ever will – losing weight and keeping it off is not so much of a chore as it is a choice. Once you decide that this is something you want to do, then it becomes significantly easier to handle. To know more about to lose unwanted fat fast, visit Rob Poulos.

Part of the challenge that many people face is the fact that they simply don’t have a real desire to lose weight and keep it off. Be honest with yourself for a moment. Do you think zth fitness or anything else will really work unless you’re 100% committed to the process of losing fat and keeping it off? No, of course not! So here’s what you need to really think about in the days ahead.

First imagine what you’ll look and feel like if you were around 10 to 15 pounds slimmer. Can you imagine what that would be like? Okay. Now, you need to establish a daily goal that will help you reach that milestone in the shortest amount of time possible. Thanks to zth fitness, that part of the process is a lot easier than you might otherwise think. The really big challenge is going to arise when you start the process and discover a few weeks into it that you’re not making the kind of progress you’d like to be

Jun 20

Health Suggestions How You Can Stay On Course

Our physical fitness is closely linked with this quality of life. Physical fitness is just one of the primary variables that are responsible for our bodily and mental wellbeing. Wellness is, to a specific extent, nature’s present along with a genetic factor, but keeping health is primarily within our own hands. It’s our responsibility to help keep this present from nature, fit and great. Physical fitness is the secret to well-being in life.

Benefits of Physical Fitness
Physical fitness involves human physical abilities including coordination and body composition, cardiovascular capacity, stamina, speed, flexibility and overall power.

Physical fitness prevents the occurrence of a kind of diseases. It acquires a capacity to combat infections and certain other disorders. Physical fitness helps prevent most of the serious cardiovascular diseases.

Most importantly, our conditioning is accountable for the postponement of the process of aging. A healthy physique is house for a healthy brain. Physical fitness helps a sound psychological condition, hence preventing us from mental diseases.

Physical fitness along with a healthy lifestyle is just one of the essential elements adding to quality life.

As physical fitness is responsible for the general wellbeing of a person, the maintenance of physical fitness needs to be one’s main concern. Engaging in some daily physical activity is the necessity of the sedentary life of now. After all, wellness is the exclusive wealth that will to stay around for a lifetime.

Advantages of Physical Activity
Physical activity aids in the decrease of excess body-fat, it decreases blood triglycerides and raises the energy levels of the body. It improves blood circulation and aids in keeping all your human anatomy organs suit and functioning. Workout benefits the body by raising its capability to bring in air. It increases the capability of the bloodstream to carry air.

Physical activity is responsible for smoothening the process of digestion,

Jun 19

Silver Jewelry And Health

Much is being said about the health benefits of wearing jewelry made of silver. This goes without saying that it is still a debated issue. There is definitely a long track of traditions, claiming that the wearing of silver jewelry is good for ones health.

The Greek physician, Hippocrates (ca. 460 BC ca. 370 BC), who is called the father of medicine, wrote that silver had beneficial healing and anti-disease properties. Silver is known to have a toxic effect on some bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi. Exactly how germicidal effect of silver works is still not entirely understood, although some theories have been brought forth. Some traditions attest that eating with silver spoons results in healthier lives when compared with those who eat with spoons made of other materials. Some also used to place them in water storage areas for purifying water.

Findings in scientific studies show that that silver rings reduce the symptoms of arthritis. The findings further show that there were some sure health benefits derived by wearing silver rings particularly for increasing blood circulation, and controlling hypertension and finger joint deformity. Some say that when silver is absorbed through skin, it cures muscular aches.

Many people in Asia also still strongly believes in the health benefits of wearing jewelry made of silver and other similar metals. Asian alternate medicine practitioners such as Reiki healers, chakra healers,Tibetan medicine practitioners and and new age energy healers have been using energy jewelry such as silver jewelry for many years past.

Though the health benefits of silver may still an ongoing dispute, it is a fact that silver is now often used in making medical equipment such as urinary catheters and breathing tubes. This is because silver will kill bacteria allowing for a faster healing process. Knowing all this, you can see

Jun 19

The Advantages Associated With Having A Personal Fitness Trainer

Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates exercise model as early as the second decade of the 20th century. The essence of this form of physical training is the insistence on the strengthening of the core muscles and the increase of body flexibility. People who somehow suffer because of their physical condition love the benefits of aerobic fitness Pilates exercise because of the adaptability it brings along: thus, seniors, pregnant women, people who have to recover after a physical trauma, can practice a Pilates exercise rewardingly. Plus, the advantages of the method are within reach for any person who just wants to improve personal health condition.

Any Pilates exercise relies on the use of the core muscles, which are made of the deep abdominal and back muscles. The thing is that if you manage to strengthen these muscles, they will work greatly with the other superficial muscles that support the spine, ensuring movement. Hence, the health of the entire torso is influenced by the condition of the core muscles. And here we have the explanation for back pain alleviation that results after constantly participating to Pilates exercise programs.

The unique Pilates exercise technique focuses on the importance of correct work out without any insistence on movement repetition. If each and every exercise is performed with precision and completely, the results will be incredible. The integrative approach is essential, meaning that with a Pilates training session you will not work only the back, shoulders or abdominal muscles, but the entire body will receive attention and proper care.

Balance at a slow pace, this is what defines a good Pilates exercise, hence, anyone can train like this, no matter the individual physical condition. Then, training provides a certain torso stability which has a direct impact on the movement flexibility, the posture, the balance and

Jun 19

Natural Health Remedies And Cures

Most of us are familiar with the saying: Prevention is better than cure. However, how many of us truly live by it, especially when it comes to our personal health. Remember those wise words: You are what you eat. These are tried and tested truths of life. If we were to truly live by them we would have less trouble with health, fewer illnesses, less medical bills and less obesity contributing to a better society in diverse ways.

Good health comes down to our eating habits. This is reiterated in the countless books written on healthy diets and Natural Health Remedies. It is commonly believed that eating healthy is boring, undesirable and costly. According to my personal experience and the many great books written about healthy diets (like Foods that Harm Foods that Heal by Readers Digest) it is all just a myth. You can enjoy a healthy meal just as much as junk food at a reasonable affordable cost.

My health conscious father usually says: too much of anything is no good. Most of us are guilty of over indulgence. We are creatures of habit and are responsible for the habits we allow ourselves to adapt to. It may seem strange, maybe even boring eating differently from the usual junk we indulge in. However, after a while the habit catches on and you find you don’t even crave junk anymore. My family has kept a healthy diet for as long as I can remember and to say the least, we live without medical aid, we hardly get sick and when any member of the family does get sick the local clinic is enough to deal with it. Not to say we don’t eat any junk food now and then, we do, but we just don’t over indulge in it.

Most of us

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